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How Motivational Speaking Changes Lives

By CK Consulting Services

August 21, 2013

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If you are ready to take the next step up from personal development, you may be interested in finding out more about motivational speaking – where you can help others to expand.

By C K Consulting Services

While motivational speaking engagements can cover a wide variety of topics and target people in many different industries and walks of life, these presentations all essentially serve the same purpose: to encourage people to be more proactive in shaping the lives they really want. Through the process of empowerment, listeners can discover that they really do have the ability to produce better results by strategically altering their actions. Whether an audience wants to learn how to sell more products, thrive in relationships, build stronger communities or advance a specific business, having a positive and action-oriented attitude is essential.

The Key Elements Of Motivational Speaking

There are many individuals who are by nature, good orators. These people are charismatic, easy to listen to and very adept in structuring their rhetoric to captivate listeners. Even with a natural talent for engaging an audience, however, it is important for motivational speakers to have a basic organization to their speeches. This organization requires a presentation to have a few key elements. These are: a clear statement of intentions or an introduction, points that prove why past actions were wrong or inefficient, an explanation of the benefits of new behavior, several pictures or examples of how changed behavior will impact results and a closing statement.

The Speaker’s Intentions

Motivational speaking engagements are intended to produce new and improved results. There should always be an element of entertainment, but a good speech will move beyond merely humoring the audience. Thus, the speaker must define the different ways in which he or she intends to change the audience. This can include new insights that will be revealed, thereby producing a deeper understanding of the related problem as well as an eagerness to do things differently as the result of these new insights.

Why Certain Actions Haven’t Been Working

It is not enough to tell people that they must change their behaviors. Most individuals want to know why. Thus, the speaker must show why certain actions are failing to create success, whether these are producing waste, failing to address real needs or are simply not as effective as some of the more modern alternatives. When people can see that their current actions do not make sense, they become far less likely to cleave to them.

Changing Minds

Sometimes, it is not as easy as a person would hope, to change the collective mind of a group. This is especially true in business settings where outdated methods are often heavily relied upon, in spite of their inefficiency. Many companies are afraid to take new actions, simply because their old ones have helped them to avoid absolute failure. Thus, the major goal of motivational speaking is to encourage people to move beyond their fears. This is usually accomplished through the presentation of images and examples or through the delivery of a carefully wrought conclusion.

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