August 20


How Hiding Your Most Valuable Inner Treasures Holds You Back

By Staff Writer

August 20, 2018

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It is often our most feared insecurities that truly have the most potential to set us free. Holding on to our deep vulnerabilities can often promote a sense of nervousness that prevents us from reaching the highest point of liberation. When we let go of this fear by expressing the truth behind our insecurities through talking about it with others, we are letting go of these fears and turning them into inner treasures that have freed us instead.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your inner fears are often the ones that can benefit you when directly facing them.
  • Once you let go of the fear associated with your deepest insecurities, you cannot be controlled by them any longer.
  • Choosing to be open and realizing you may face judgement is letting go of the fear that once consumed you.

“When we are willing to take our ?stuff? out of the closet and be real, we connect with people on a deeper level.”

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