May 27


How Do We Know When We Are Being ‘Real’?

By Peter Julian

In our interactions with other people, we find ourselves in situations where our true feelings like anger need to be put aside in order to show kindness or love to someone else. Yet, when we do that, we often have a feeling that we are not quite genuine and the whole interaction looks phony. Being genuine has a strong empowering effect, because it lets you accept our true feelings devoid of judgement. This power is slowly being unleashed, after many decades of being shamed for being true and genuine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Much of what we do when we force ourselves to be kind and loving amounts to repression.
  • Love, kindness and forgiveness should not be based on obligations, but on true feelings.
  • Anger has a purpose: to tell us that something is wrong and that things cannot continue as they are.

“The advice we are getting right now from meme-makers everywhere is to just be kind, be loving, forgive and forget, and never get angry.”

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