April 13


How Cognitive Therapy Works for Stress Relief

By Margaret

Stress is an unavoidable part of being alive. Negative thinking, however, which is often a coexisting factor, need not be unavoidable. Specifically, two different individuals faced with the same stressful situation can emerge in very different states; one being beleaguered, overwhelmed, possibly even angry, while the other emerges calm, bemused, even insightful. In short it is the reaction to the precipitating stress, which ultimately creates the lasting physical and emotional state of the person affected by stress. When negativity allies itself, like a parasite, to stress, it affects our mood, our spirit, our bodies, and even the way people perceive us and treat us. Cognitive therapy aims to change the stress reaction by eliminating negative self-talk. Therapists that specialize in a cognitive approach know that most negative reactions stem from ten distinct cognitive distortions. By teaching their clients to recognize and understand and deal with these distortions much of the impact of their patient’s daily stress can be ameliorated. In fact, many patients experience a much more rapid improvement of their symptoms that that which is generally experienced by patients undergoing a more classic, analytical approach. Many start to see change in a manner of weeks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not only can being negative create stress in us, it can make others trust us less when we perpetuate that negativity to them.
  • Many persons have found that when they are trapped in negativity and the stress it evokes, they can find relief in cognitive therapy.
  • Cognitive therapy can be an effective mode of treatment for anxiety disorders, depression and also stress that is contributing to mood disorders or creating unpleasant feelings.

“There are hundreds of examples of how our thoughts and our negative self-talk color our experiences. These can lead to a triggered stress response or a calm demeanor.”

Read more: https://www.verywellmind.com/cognitive-therapy-for-stress-relief-3144920

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