August 31


How Changing My Words Changed My Life for the Better

By Peter Julian

How you speak to yourself on a consistent basis has a direct impact on your overall performance and demeanor. Just swapping certain words for new ones in their place can help change your whole outlook during the day. For instances, changing the word “try” to “will” can make you more productive by reflecting a sense of determination. You can also incite higher levels of gratitude and excitement towards various endeavors by replacing the phrase “I have to” with “I get to”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saying that you will try to do things instead of saying that you will do things can be a form of escapism. Transforming these try statements into will statements typically result in more success.
  • Express that you get to do something instead of claiming that you have to do something in order to get excited about the task at hand.
  • Become your own cheerleader by replacing statements that beat yourself up with phrases that empower you.

“Since embracing this truth a few years ago, I’ve become more mindful of the words I use. That is, the words I speak and the words I think.”

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