November 19


How Changing My Words Changed My Life for the Better

By Peter Julian

November 19, 2020

Words are often the difference maker between hurting people or making them feel good. This is true for ourselves as well as we constantly doubt ourselves and what we can accomplish. Whenever we fail in life we often find ourselves saying that we are going to try to accomplish something. Instead we can change this out by saying that I will do something. I can ask myself what I can do to accomplish my goals instead of asking questions that allude to why I am failing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Words are powerful, they have the power to hurt another person, or make them feel loved.
  • Simple things like, swapping I will try, with I can and I will.
  • Even saying I get to, instead of I have to, can change your whole outlook on things.

“I remember being fourteen years old asking my first crush, “H-h-hey, do you fancy going to the cinema with me this weekend?” To my surprise, she said yes, which taught me there’s never any harm in asking for what you want.”

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