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Honing Your Edge: How To Cut Through The Clutter And Define a New You

By Staff Writer

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We all tend to be creatures of habit.  Habits are those comfy little routines we have built to help define our world, and allow us to move through our day without having to pay close attention to every little thing. Often we have learned them from those around us – parents, teachers, friends.

They make our lives seem safe.

And a little unremarkable…

Victorinox_knifesharpener Francis Flinch GNUFreeDocIn today’s world, where technology is changing at a mind-blowing pace, you hear a lot about The Edge.

The Cutting Edge

The Bleeding Edge

Being On the Edge

Unique, Distinct, Exceptional…

In order to invite a little edginess into your life you have to be willing to take some risks, to boldly go where no one has gone before.  But in order to do that you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.  You need to learn  how to tear down some of the container you have built for yourself through the habits you have chosen.

You must deliberately build a new vessel for Your Life through creation of new, more intentional habits – ones that serve you better.

Then you will have created new edges – ones that can interact with people, places, and ideas in a whole different way.

Jordan Shapiro shares 3 Ways to Be Edgier this week on Huffington Post.


Image by Francis Flinch and used under the GNU free Documentation License.

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