September 3


Here’s Why You Admire Vulnerability in Everyone But Yourself

By Peter Julian

A study has recently shown that when people are put into situations where they feel vulnerable, they are more likely to judge their own sense of awkwardness as opposed to others. One way to combat this is by envisioning scenarios in your head much differently. An example is to think of others performing the task you are about to take on instead of envisioning yourself. By picturing someone else succeeding in you future obligations, you are more likely to feel less vulnerable and become successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vulnerability can greatly depend on construal levels. If you imagine yourself doing something and succeeding, you are much more likely to succeed in that endeavor.
  • You can also trick your mind into combating vulnerability by imaging someone else doing the task that you are about to take on and performing exceptionally well.
  • These levels of construal have been determined through studies where individuals have been put into situations where they are made to feel vulnerable and make mistakes.

“Even if it all goes well in the end, making yourself vulnerable is awkward, and you end up judging yourself harshly for it later.”

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