August 7


Hanging Out is Essential To Our Health

By Peter Julian

Being able to just relax and spend time with family and friends is crucially important to weathering stress and maintaining your mental health. While Americans often call this “hanging out,” every culture has some kind of equivalent. Listening to stories and chitchat between friends and loved ones in a safe, relaxed environment where nobody has anything else they really need to do, can be very soothing on a deep-seated level. While the proliferation of devices and other social trends threaten the hangout, it is an institution well worth protecting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although hanging out as prerequisite for sanity and health requires a few carefully selected and special people, the locale can be almost anything.
  • Some usual locales for hanging out include, bars eateries, porches, even back stoops.
  • When the doing part of the day is over it is normal to review the happenings with others, to decompress and mentally disengage with the work part of life.

“You just need to be with one or more people you like, and you need it to be the latter hours of the day.”

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