March 21


Friends or Fakes? Recognizing the gas-lighters in your life and turning the tables

By Peter Julian

March 21, 2020

Gas-lighting is a common form of abuse that is sometimes hard to detect due to the gas-lighters ability to manipulate the victim into thinking they’re the ones at fault. Those who gas-light will often make their victim question their account of situations by claiming their recollection is false or exaggerated. They will also engage in isolation tactics in an attempt to create a divide between the victim and their loved ones so there is minimal interference in their abusive behavior.

Key Takeaways:

  • Someone who is gas-lighting will often have a heightened level of neediness, and if you cannot be there at every moment, they will guilt trip you for being wrong.
  • If someone makes you feel as though your account of certain events are false or fabricated, they may be manipulating you through gas-lighting.
  • It is common for gas-lighters to isolate their victims by slowly causing rifts between the victim and their friends and family.

“Gaslighting is a term used to describe a subtle, yet powerful form of psychological and emotional manipulation that is used against another to undermine their confidence, perspective and sense of value.”

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