August 3


For Entrepreneurs, the Benefits of Slowing Down

By Peter Julian

August 3, 2021

For entrepreneurs, starting a new business is a very hectic time, and everything seems to be happening lightning fast. Yet, there are benefits to entrepreneurs of taking things slowly, pausing and reflecting. Typically, summer time is the period when we take it easy and we should consider this approach. Entrepreneurs can take this time to analyze their team, solidify it and ensure it is scalable. You can also utilize this time to tinker with different ideas you may consider. On a practical side, focus a bit more on paying off your company’s debt.

Key Takeaways:

  • It may be necessary to change your team moving forward, so consider additions, upgrades and coaching.
  • Set up offsite meetings to brainstorm with your team about growth opportunities.
  • Focus on a few key relationships and arrange to meet face to face.

“I was reminded of the value of slowing down during the last few days by one of my founders who is in the midst of closing a massive financing at a “unicorn” valuation.”

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