March 3


Five Ways Boredom Could Be Changing Your Behavior, for Better or Worse

By Peter Julian

Boredom means different things for different individuals. Everyone experiences boredom although the way it manifests can be positive or even turn into risky behavior. Normal boredom can cause people to look for challenging ways to better their lives. Others will look for excitement in video games or other internet activities. Studies show that those prone to boredom often will have depression or similar. If we can control our boredom, we can make it work for us.

Key Takeaways:

  • Boredom can cause us to look for ways to distract us in an attempt to keep our life more exciting.
  • If we get bored often then their is a good chance that something about our mental health is not going well. Maybe we are not living healthy or have a need to see a psychiatrist.
  • Boredom can work in positive ways to keep us seeking new challenges that strengthen our self confidence. Boredom can cause us to look for meaning in life which could be good or bad.

“Research shows being prone to boredom is a predictor of poor mental health, such as depression and anxiety.”

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