November 1


Evolution Is Killing Our Brain (Slowly)

By Peter Julian

Evolution cares very little for us after we leave our childbearing years. In fact the very thing that helped us survive can now bring on illness. The healing process changes our circulation patterns and can slow blood flow to the brain. Vascular dementia can occur when we lack blood flow and can produce not only dementia but strokes. It can be prevented though. Heart disease and vascular disease are the natural occurrence of aging. We can prevent strokes, and help the aging process, because in the end, we are all aging.

Key Takeaways:

  • For most of human history, evolution has selected for people whose blood clots faster, making them better able to survive injuries.
  • Atherosclerosis is in part a natural consequence of the cycle of damage and repair that happens inside our blood vessels.
  • Unfortunately, the evolutionary traits that helped our ancestors survive famine also mean we tend to retain fat and sugar, which can also contribute to cardiovascular disease and vascular dementia.

“Vascular dementia is the loss of higher brain function due to inadequate or interrupted circulation to the brain.”

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