July 23


Embracing the whole you: You are more than your job

By Peter Julian

We are so often told that our job is what defines us, that we stop questioning this mantra. Coming from someone who completely changed the career, I can rightfully say that this cannot be further from the truth. What’s more, it prevents you from embracing your true and whole self, which also means you are missing out on many aspects of your life that can provide more satisfaction than your job. This change that I have gone through was not easy and I suspect it never easy. It’s even harder when you try, as you should, to do it with a lot of personal integrity.

Key Takeaways:

  • I quit my job as a technologist to work on writing a novel.
  • Considering peacocks, Charles Darwin posited that sometimes we’re attracted to beauty for its own sake.
  • We don’t lead linear lives, we follow meandering paths and pursuits.

“Pushing against the theory of hyper-specialization are theories of creativity and its substructure of messiness. The intentional wandering and cultivation of ideas across disciplines leads to detours, and sometimes a detour can lead to a deepening in unexpected places.”

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