January 28


Ego Dropping: The Magic of Breaking Free from Self-Concern

By Margaret

Whether you’re worried about failing, or you’re anger towards someone else feels like it’s imploding, your ego can be dramatically impacted by external experiences. Taking the time to learn about and participate in mindfulness activities can help you check your ego at the door. Even just taking a moment throughout the day to remind yourself to remain in the present moment while feeling the oncoming and outgoing sensations that you are experiencing can help you reach a more mindful state.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taking the time to bring your mind back to the present can help you stay mindful in your daily thinking.
  • Allow sensations to freely come into your body, and allow them to exit in the same freeing sense for heightened awareness.
  • Creating a feeling of oneness with you and your surroundings can be done by relaxing and accepting the changes around you.

“There’s a mindfulness technique I’ve been practicing for a number of years now, and when I can do it, it’s like magic.”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/dropself/

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