July 13


Don’t Compare Your Life to Someone’s Highlight Reel

By Margaret

July 13, 2019

Sometimes people cause themselves to feel unhappy and inadequate by comparing themselves to other people. Social media has created an easy and interesting method of tracking the lives of others. The problem is that people usually upload and describe the best part of their lives, so social media becomes a highlight reel. It is important to remember that the great things on social media are not the entirety of a person’s life, they are just the events and information the user chooses to share.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone should avoid the habit of trying to compare what they have done in their lives to what others have done in their own lives.
  • Constantly comparing oneself with others creates a lot of negativity in the individual and it also erodes his self esteem while making them unhappy.
  • People tend to share only the positive aspects of their lives on social media and you can never see what it is that they are going through.

“It’s something that has sprung up as we have moved a part of our lives on to the internet and social media.”

Read more: https://www.positivityblog.com/dont-compare-to-high-light-reel/

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