June 17


Doing This Can Drastically Improve Your Relationship

By Peter Julian

Thriving relationships are a result of an effort and have to be constantly nurtured to continue flourishing. Without that effort, even the best relationship will weaken and ultimately fail. We handle our relationships between two extremes – sometimes we are putting a lot of work into an improvement, but at other times we are ignoring them unconsciously. Neither one of these extremes are likely to lead to big changes in the relationship. What many people find, it’s the little things that we repeat and redo over time that have the bigger positive or negative impact. Small daily interactions with a hint of negativity can have an everlasting detrimental effect on a relationship. It is important to distinguish between reaction and response. Reaction can often be emotional, quick and damaging, while response can be delivered in a way that is constructive and healing, even when the connotation is negative. Pausing, reflecting and responding will improve any relationship and improve our own overall well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Little things done repeatedly over time have the biggest impact on our relationships.
  • Small negative moments, such as snapping at your partner, can wear down a relationship.
  • Make an effort to rationally respond to your partner rather than emotionally react.

“You’ll notice how much better you feel in the moment and how much more present and attentive your loved one will likely become as well.”

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/happy-together/202005/doing-can-drastically-improve-your-relationship

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