September 27


Does Religion Promote Self-enhancement?

By Peter Julian

Self enhancement is the desire to improve yourself and go for the things in life that you value the most. Some research suggests that religion makes you more prone to having self enhancement, and there is some that suggests that you won’t try to self enhance if you are religious. The evidence that suggests that self enhancement is better for religious people is probably because people are more in tune with who they are on a deeper level when they have a relationship with god.

Key Takeaways:

  • A lot of people show off the “Better than others” effect which shows that people think of themselves as better Christians than others.
  • Studies have shown that Atheists have more religious knowledge than people who claim strong faith.
  • There are also studies showing that religion linked people as scoring higher in narcissism.

“self-esteem is positively related to religiosity in more highly religious European countries, whereas self-esteem has little or no relationship with religiosity in more secular European countries”

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