December 15


Do Highly Sensitive People Attract Narcissists?

By Peter Julian

December 15, 2019

Narcissists and highly sensitive people seem to have a powerful, yet dangerous attraction to each other. Narcissists are all about themselves, and highly sensitive people may be especially prone to their needy, controlling behavior. HSPs are drawn to helping and caring for others, and narcissists have an endless need to be cared for. Be wary and question volatile or troubling relationships, ask friends for perspective, expect the worst, pull away ASAP, practice setting boundaries, get emotional distance, and practice a different kind of compassion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Narcissists are part of nearly everyone’s experience, and can hide themselves very well in social settings.
  • Highly-sensitive people are especially vulnerable to the feel-good the narcissist initially brings.
  • Once they realize the toxic behavior of the narcissist, the highly-sensitive person should cut bonds with them.

“But things never, ever turned out the way they wanted them — nothing was ever good enough — and they would explode in confusing bouts of anger, blame, or self-loathing”

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