November 5


Ditch This One Self-Sabotaging Mental Habit

By Peter Julian

We tend to self sabotage often, and I have noticed it with a lot of people even though we do things well. Someone I know had a book that they wrote published, and really thought that the reason for the publishing was a fluke and not because of the effort they put into being published. The what iffs in your mind aren’t evidence that you should doubt yourself, they are unfounded evidence, and you can turn around those thoughts and stop self sabotaging.

Key Takeaways:

  • When someone wrote a book and actually had it published, they were convinced it was just a fluke.
  • We all do this to ourselves and it’s no wonder why we give up before we even begin.
  • The what iffs that you have inside of your head, aren’t reliable information and it’s time you challenge them.

“Next time the what ifs slam you, remember that it’s not an upcoming event that stresses you but the way you’re thinking about and treating yourself before the situation takes place.”

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