The Discoveries of the Mind™ Audio Magazine

Discoveries of the Mind is a four-part streaming audio program, that explains the exciting concepts and amazing sound technology used by the Whole Brain Learning Institute in our brain/mind expansion CD programs.
Included are testimonials and examples of our proprietary Whole Brain Sound technology.
Take some time now to discover how the BrainSpeak® experience can change YOUR life…

Chapter 1:

The Promise of BrainSpeak®

Learn why BrainSpeak is truly a 21st Century breakthrough in personal development!

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Chapter 2:

Real People and the Science of Sound

Hear how this incredible technology has changed the lives of actual BrainSpeak™ owners!

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Chapter 3:

Sound Patterns at Work

Discover how our amazing sound technology can work for YOU!

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Chapter 4: The Sound Pattern Demonstration

Experience a sample of the power of BrainSpeak®!

For best results use good quality headphones that cover the entire ear.

…fasten your seat belt!

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