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Discover the Many Benefits of “Earthing”

By Julia Scalise

Boost energy, earthing, improve sleep, recharge

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD

The winter of 2015 was brutal for most areas of the country and seemed as if it would never end. Even the usual break of some patches of warmer weather in the spring didn’t happen for many areas, mine included. So, while the hazy, lazy days of summer are still here I intend to take advantage and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

I feel fortunate to live right on the coast in southern New Jersey. One of my favorite things to do is walk on the beach. Even just sitting with my feet in the sand always makes me feel somewhat calmer and overall better. It is something I have always enjoyed over the years, but never truly understood why until I learned about “Earthing”.

Earthing is simply being barefooted and connecting to the Earth’s natural energy fields. Whether you are walking on a beach or sitting with your feet on a patch of grass in a park or in your own back yard, you create an opportunity to receive the benefits of this subtle energy connection.

More than ever, I find this very easy and low cost way of “recharging my batteries” a necessity to my health and well-being. Most of us are insulated from absorbing the Earth’s energetic force because we are sequestered in buildings most days and for long hours. Add to that the constant bombardment of other electromagnetic frequencies from computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices which have been shown to disrupt our systems, and it makes Earthing more important for everyone.

I grew up in Philadelphia, surrounded for the most part by concrete. There weren’t many opportunities to experience the benefits of this healing energy. So, as I stated, I always looked forward to any trips to the beach or to my grandparents’ house, where putting my bare feet in the sand or on a patch of grass seemed to rejuvenate me in ways I didn’t understand. Adding a little bit of water, either from an ocean, lake, river, or a watered or rain dampened lawn enhances the energetic exchange. But even dry sand or dry ground anywhere is beneficial. Water just increases conductivity.

In the past, humans spent much more time outdoors working, sleeping, and living day to day. Modern civilization has interfered with our exposure. However, when you can, find some time to incorporate this very simple yet healing discipline into your wellness plan. Some benefits may be improved sleep, decrease in chronic pain, decrease in inflammations, and an overall feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation.

While the warmer weather is still here, and before another brutal winter may strike and keep us burrowed inside, take advantage of all the benefits possible from getting out and “Earthing” a bit. Your body will thank you now and your spirit will be grateful come January.

Wishing you health and living your best life.

About the author

Julia Scalise, DN, PhD is a Holistic Health Practitioner and author of the #1 Bestseller “Do One Thing Feel Better/ Live Better”. She is an expert in compassionately helping hundreds of clients eliminate underlying causes of health issues, discover ways to improve emotional well being, attain a more positive outlook on life and find their bliss. In practice over 16 years, she is a board-certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, American Association of Nutritional Consultants, American Holistic Health Association and a Physiological Regulating Medicine Practitioner. She is also a contributing expert for several internet forums, websites, and newsletters.

To learn more about Julia, visit her website at

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