March 26


My Day Was Off to a Terrible Start. You Won’t Believe How I Turned it Around!

By Staff Writer

March 26, 2014

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We all wake up “on the wrong side of the bed” from time to time. Have you noticed how when it starts out like that, it tends to go downhill even more?  Well, yesterday my day was off to a terrible start…

It was 4:00 AM when I woke up, the brightest moon in the universe staring me in the face. Even when I tried to turn my back on it, I could feel it shining on me.

Going back to sleep was impossible!

So I started thinking. Bad move. I had seen a new product from a competitor right before I went to bed and was feeling a lack of creativity. First I started thinking about that, and wondering if it would have any impact on business.  That led me to go over in my mind all of the things I had done recently that I believed I could have done a better job on. The list grew and grew.

It was hard to stop the flow.

By the time I got up, I was tired and cranky. Even petting my dog didn’t help much!

When I got to work, I turned on my computer and waited impatiently for it to boot up. Did you ever notice that when you are feeling cranky, EVERYTHING takes longer? (Maybe there IS something to the Law of Attraction!)

My emails finally downloaded and I found one from a good friend, who ended by saying she hoped my day was off to a good start.

I replied to the email and at the end of it I typed:

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” ]I AM HAVING AN AWESOME DAY, AND HOPE YOU ARE TOO![/box]

I’m not really sure why it occurred to me to say that, other than she is one of the most positive people I know, and I didn’t want to seem morose and whiny…

But it totally changed how I felt!  When I typed “I AM HAVING AN AWESOME DAY,” it was like my brain couldn’t help but make mental pictures of what that might look like and I couldn’t stay down.

I really did have an awesome day!

The study of Neurolinguistics is all about that sort of thing – including how words are given meaning in your mind and what kind of sensory images are conjured up by words and phrases.

Apparently I conjure quite a nice feeling by declaring that I am having an awesome day!

If you are interested in learning more about that, you might want to check out Benjamin Bergen’s “LOUDER THAN WORDS”  – we included a portion of Dr. Ginger Campbell’s review of that book in the last edition of BrainSpeak Magazine on the iTunes store.

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