August 19


Could Productivity Be Enhanced By Being Congruent?

By Staff Writer

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I read an interesting article this morning called “How to be Productive Every Minute of Every Day.”

Catchy title…

I wondered why anyone would think that being productive every minute was even a good thing.

You can read the article on Asian Efficiency.  It went on to say that asking how to be productive every minute was sort of a trick question – that there were no techniques to be productive ALL the time, but that you could be closer to that state if you were spending your time with your primary focus being in alignment with your purpose in life.

The thinking is that if what you focus on every day –  for many of us that is our jobs – is not at all in alignment with what you really want to accomplish in your life, then you are not being “productive.”

That makes some sense if we define productivity as movement toward the ultimate goal.

We offer a program at BrainSpeak called “Tuning Your Core Vibration,” and its purpose is to get you into alignment with what you really want. To help you to be congruent.

Being congruent and being in alignment are really the same thing.

The author of this article on productivity is certainly simplifying things too much. To think that being productive is all about Your Life’s Purpose is not at all the complete picture.

Having said that, yes, if you are congruent and focusing your energy on thoughts, conversations, and activities that move you toward your ultimate goal or purpose, that is a wonderful feeling. And we believe that when you are congruent, you are more productive because you are not wasting energy with inner conflicts. What you think about and talk about and take action on work together to move you toward what you really want!

As long as you don’t set goals that contradict each other, you can move toward all of them in a congruent way.

Interestingly, many of the people who have used our program have reported that what they THOUGHT they wanted when they began the program changed as they moved through the complete Tuning Your Core Vibration program (featuring GratiTuning®, a special process that helps speed up your results). At some point they realized they never really wanted that at all, perhaps it was something they thought they SHOULD want.  As the inner conflicts drop away, they had more clarity about what they truly desired and the congruency to move deliberately in that direction.

If you are interested in becoming more congruent, you can find out more about our program at Tuning Your Core Vibration.

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