May 3


Coping with your kids’ transition to home & on-line learning

By Peter Julian

Parents are having to become teachers as their children stay at home. It is important for parents to remember to be loving and caring during this time as they work through the challenges. There may not be enough computers for everyone to do work-at-home and schoolwork. It’s important to recognize that children have never been in this situation either. Sharing or resources, managing our time and sanity, and recognizing our emotions is key to a successful time with our children at home.

Key Takeaways:

  • The additional parental role of “teacher” is impacting our relationships with our kids, for better or for worse.
  • School work requiring computers and internet access can be problematic with adults now working from home along with siblings having to share limited access.
  • Kids are already stressed by the disruption in their world and lives. They can feel frightened by this crisis and anxious from the tension they feel around them.

“The transition from classroom-based to online and other home learning was abrupt and unexpected”

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