February 21


Can the Brain Resist the Group Opinion?

By Peter Julian

There is an area of the brain that is responsible with how we view people who have disagreements and agreements with us. There was a study done of about twenty woman, who were asked to rate the faces of strangers based on how trustworthy they were. At the end of the study it was revealed that some of those strangers shared opinions with the participants. After that was revealed, the level of trustworthiness changed either more or less.

Key Takeaways:

  • When a choice is made that coincides with that of others, it is reinforced in the brain’s pleasure region.
  • In a recent study, participants often changed their opinions of a stranger due to peer influence.
  • The study also found changes in brain activity, traces signaling past disagreements with the group.

“This social behavior is called conformity and explains varios components of our behaviour, from voting at elections to fashion trends among teenagers.”

Read more: https://neurosciencenews.com/social-influence-brain-17709/

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