May 31


Calm Your Anxious Mind with One Word

By Peter Julian

May 31, 2021

Having a mind that goes to the worst case scenarios is just part of what the brain does to help keep us safe and sense danger around us. Sometimes this can spiral out of control and before you know it anxiety becomes difficult to manage. You can calm yourself with one word, there should be one word, any word you like that you pick that will remind you to settle down and you will be able to let any additional tension go.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cue-Controlled Relaxation is a psychological technique that uses methods of classic conditioning to ease the tensions of anxious patients.
  • The technique pairs a given word, much as would happen with a mantra, with relaxation techniques, like paced breathing and mindfulness.
  • Physical muscles and mental stress are both alleviated by the technique. But, while it appears superficially simple, users generally have to work to get best results over time.

“After years of living in my anxious brain, I searched far and wide for a solution.”

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