Stress is a killer. The effects of stress have been found to be contributing factors in every major illness that we as humans suffer. As important as stress management is, it is the least attended to part of a fitness or wellness program. In order for your weight loss program to last, you’ve got to handle the stress factor.

We all know what stress is. Stress is essentially any “challenge” to the normal balance of the body’s major systems. Under normal circumstances, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) activates to meet the challenge and then returns the body to normal balance after the stressor has been dealt with.

Life, and especially weight loss, really gets tough when the ANS is overwhelmed by multiple or single stressors that continue for long periods of time. With enough exposure, the body actually entrains or “learns” to stay stressed and begins to show common stress-related symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension or weakness, reduced immune efficiency, raw emotions, short-term memory loss, weight gain, etc.

A Special Note about Stress and Weight

Did you also know that weight loss and dieting are even listed as stressful life events and that stress can even throw a wrench into an otherwise well thought out and executed diet and fitness program?

It’s true! Excess stress can promote very high levels of a powerful stress hormone called Cortisol . Long-term exposure to Cortisol (as in chronic stress and burnout) actually makes fat storage cells, especially around the middle of the body resistant to release. That is to say, regardless of the diet or the work out, the fat around the middle will be shut off from the normal metabolic cycle.

Even worse, high levels of Cortisol and adrenal gland exhaustion increase the amount of time that it takes to recover from exercise as well as lowering your over-training (too much exercise) threshold. Basically, you reach the over-training level sooner and take longer to recover.

The Stress Nine-One-One’s simple breath pacing method restores your body’s ability to recover from stress by strengthening the “parasympathetic” or recovery and relaxation branch of the ANS. This action breaks the stress cycle and reduces the level of circulating cortisol and generally restores homeodynamism (“geek speak” for balance) as shown as an increase in something called Heart Rate Variability. Simply put, the breathing technique, when practiced daily, re-establishes the body’s harmonic vibration or bio-resonance as described earlier.

Again, if this seems a bit overwhelming, there are 3 great reports included in the software program that explain this in easy-to-understand detail.

Most important is that doing the breathing exercises regularly increases ones resistance to over-stress and burnout. But the benefit is not just in the recovery from burnout but also the vast enhancement and optimizing of any fitness program. Simply, any weight loss and fitness program is much more effective when your body’s systems are balanced and able to handle the demands placed upon them.


When used as directed, you can expect a gentle but profound change in your self behavior and your life. You won’t find these powerful technological combinations in any other product anywhere.

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