Audible and inaudible affirmations, inspired by the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, John Grinder, Dr. Richard Bandler and Peter Julian are expertly crafted using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (the impact words have on our thinking and internal images) and Ericksonian hypnosis (a very effective but gentle permissive form of hypnosis), to create affirming and supportive messages that are designed to provide both conscious and unconscious experiences of profound change.

These techniques are also used to create the enjoyable visualization sessions found in many of our programs. For instance, the use of visualization has recently been shown to increase weight loss by up to 20% over individuals who don’t use it.

How do you know that subliminal messages work?

We all have mental “programs.” They consist of our thoughts and beliefs. And these determine our behavior. They can be positive beliefs like “I’m smart and capable” or negative ones like “I’ll never succeed.” When you change these programs, you change your life. You re-educate your mind, by changing your internal programs – and subliminal audio programs are a tool for accomplishing this goal.

“The programs work. I began to feel better about myself even after listening to them the first time. After a week, I began to concentrate better and… have more energy. They are a giant step above ordinary self-help audios.”

Henry Hollister, NC

Besides people telling us about the results they’ve gotten, there are many studies on the use of subliminals. A 1984 Congressional Report prepared by the House Committee on Science and Technology confirmed that subliminal messages are recorded by the brain and called upon later, as needed. Here’s an example:

Say you’re working on improving your memory and one of the subliminal affirmations on your tape/CD is “I easily recall names and faces.” Even though this is an inaudible message –you’re not consciously aware of hearing it–you can still call upon that new brain imprint when you need it – like at your class reunion or next corporate sales meeting. You’ll be able to pick out and remember names in that sea of faces.

What other studies have been conducted using subliminals?

The power and effectiveness of using subliminals for brain/mind re-education was reported by the Los Angeles Times in an October, 2001 article about scientific research, conducted at Boston University . Researchers at Harvard and Duke Universities are also involved in similar studies.

In 1979 a midwestern medical center played positive, subliminal messages along with soothing background music in their waiting rooms and staff rest areas. Within a very short time, they noticed significant improvement in behaviors such as reduction in smoking and increased cooperation among co-workers. Smoking decreased by over 60%.

Are there any other examples of doctors using subliminals?

Certainly. One of the best known is surgeon Dr. Bernie Siegel who reports that when calming messages are played during surgery, patients recover faster. There is also evidence that when subliminals are used patients “require 20-50% less anesthesia and suffer far less anxiety.” (Dr. Robert Youngblood – Utah Medical Center).

What happens in your brain when you listen to sounds and subliminals?

Sound waves stimulate the brain. There’s also a bio-chemical and electrical response that is set in motion when the neurons begin firing – or communicating with one another. More importantly, your brain waves slow down and both the right and left hemispheres of your brain begin to synchronize, to balance.

The more neural connections you have, the more integrated and deeply embedded the thought/memory, or experience becomes. As your brain is being stimulated, it is now open to reprogramming old beliefs and creating new ones, especially when they’re escorted into the very core of your being by our BrainSpeak® Sound patterns.

“Everything… had immediate effects. And, daily, I experience fewer limits and more choices.”

Marta G., teacher, Eugene OR

Does re-programming mean giving your brain new thoughts and beliefs to choose from?

That and being more conscious of what you’re putting into your subconscious mind, in the first place. The subconscious mind can hear, perceive, absorb and act on subliminal suggestions, whether you consciously hear them or not. And when you decide to enhance your life by changing your beliefs, audio programs like BrainStream can help. The positive subliminal messages support new ways of learning and thinking – to help you get what you want from life.

So, you start with the sound patterns and then you add subliminal messages to the sound pattern tracks?

Yes. We carefully select sound patterns to penetrate the mind and escort subliminal messages beyond the threshold of conscious thought. That means they bypass any left brain, “logical” resistance. They speak directly to the subconscious mind – where all learning and change take place.

The sounds consist mostly of natural and environmental sounds–like birds, whales, and the wind; also, organic sounds like Tibetan bowls and monks chanting; and music, written by composer William Aura. William was John-David’s creative collaborator and he also did the actual recording of the sounds. He and John-David created the original sounds, sometimes using computers and advanced digital recording equipment to enhance their tonal qualities and impact.

All of the sounds were recorded with special microphones that actually bring the sounds to a new level of experience. When listening, it’s as though the sound patterns are actually inside your head!

How are your subliminal programs different from others?

Unlike many subliminal audio publishers, WBLI doesn’t utilize a million computer generated subliminal messages stacked on top of each other. We’ve found that the most effective and permanent changes occur when subliminals are delivered one at a time – in “real-time.” It’s a much more expensive production process, but it maintains the integrity of the sound patterns and still allows for hundreds of positive affirmations on each track.

Do you do anything special in creating your subliminal sets?

Leading psychotherapists and educators help design and record our subliminal messages. We carefully create the subliminal messages by alternating male and female voices.

Why do you use both male and female voices?

Research has shown that some people respond more positively to either male or female voices. So we balance by using voices of both genders. We also use words, tones, and voice inflections that strengthen the message to the subconscious.

How are the sounds and subliminals recorded?

We digitally master all of our audio programs on state-of-the art recording equipment. Each track has 7 to 24 layers of sounds, music, and subliminals which break through to the subconscious mind for maximum impact. One of the world’s few holophonic microphones was used to record our sound patterns. That’s like being totally immersed in sound.

“This technology is the door to the future.”

Sue B., homemaker, Vero Beach, FLA

Does that mean you have to have special equipment to listen?

No, our digitally mastered tracks are playable on any stereo equipment. And results can be achieved using a high-quality Walkman type CD player when listening to the subliminal sets. However, maximum benefit is achieved with headphones that cover the entire ear – and you can get a good set for as little as $30 or $40.

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