April 20


BrainSpeak Radio Episode #6: Living From the Inside Out!

By Peter Julian

Donald Williams, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth

How To Reject Self-imposed Limitations And Live A Life That Reflects Who You Really Are With Donald Williams

Living Your Life From the Inside-Out...

In this episode, author and speaker Donald Williams and I discuss how to become “unrejectable” by shifting your thinking from "outside-in" to "inside out."

So if you want to learn why anything is possible for anyone, create iron-clad self-esteem, live life on your own terms, reject self-imposed limitations and live a life that reflects of who you really are, tune in now!

Here's What You'll Learn In This Episode...

  • How to Become “Unrejectable”
  • Living Life On Your Own Terms
  • The Art of Rejecting Self-Imposed Limitations
  • The Secret to Iron-Clad Self-Esteem

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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About Our Guest...

Donald Williams

Donald Williams is an expert in living life on your own terms whose accomplishments include:

At age 10, while playing tag in the house with his younger brother, Don Williams broke the C1 vertebra in his neck which is commonly fatal. He was instantly paralyzed from the neck down. Against all odds, in only six months, Don made a full recovery and finished out his school year and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern Florida, in Tampa Florida.

Don is fortunate to have experienced a unique combination of life and professional transitions that has given him an unparalleled perspective towards people’s ability to overcome adversity.

Don is the President and Founder of ONsite 2 Insight Transitions LLC, the Creator of the Human Instruction Manual, and the Leader of Self Actualization Education.

Learn more about how you can improve your results with living life on your own terms with geton2it.com where you’ll find a host of powerful resources to help you further transition from outside-in to inside out thinking.

About the author

Peter Julian is the Publisher at BrainSpeak.com

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