July 18


Brain Mapping: How is an American Brain different from a Chinese Brain?

By Staff Writer

July 18, 2013

brain mapping, cultural neuroscience

A team of researchers from University of Maryland, led by Michele Gelfand, has received a $813,000 grant from the Department of Defense. They will use this money over 3 years to perform brain mapping on people from various cultures to see how cultural differences may show up in their brains.

This is part of a relatively new field called Cultural Neuroscience. While you may not have heard of this yet, it isn’t brand-new, as there is an article about it in Wikipedia! Their definition:

Cultural neuroscience is the study of how cultural values, practices and beliefs shape and are shaped by the mind, brain and genes across multiple timescales.

Read more at Medical Xpress:

Mapping the brain to understand cultural differences

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