February 18


Brain Development – First Things First

By Margaret

How a child is brought up can change how their brain develops. A child’s brain develops the most from when they are an infant to 5 years old. Those years offer the best chance for a child to develop whatever connections they need to become successful adults. The adults that spend the most time around a child are most important when it comes to the child’s brain development. This is why it’s important for adults to read and play with kids.

Key Takeaways:

  • Early brain development is important for a child’s growth and is a predictor of how well the child will do later in life.
  • Before the age of 5 is the most ideal time to develop the child’s brain, as this is around the time that the brain starts to develop qualities such as problem solving and communication skills.
  • The most important influence on a child’s brain development are dependent on caring and responsive relationships with adults.

“The brain is the command center of the human body. A newborn baby has all of the brain cells (neurons) they’ll have for the rest of their life, but it’s the connections between these cells that really make the brain work.”

Read more: https://www.firstthingsfirst.org/early-childhood-matters/brain-development/

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