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Boost Your Energy Naturally With These Techniques

By Joan Moran

by Miss Mindful, Joan Moran

How many of you in the working universe think you need coffee to boost your energy and jump-start your day? How many of you wake up with a fuzzy brain and mindlessly think a shot of java will do it for you?

When your energy level falls into the red zone, you probably reach for our culture’s quick fix: caffeine. In fact, women in their 30’s consume about 165 milligrams each day, but by age 50, the daily average leaps to 225 milligrams, a recent USDA report reveals. “We have an energy crisis of historic proportions going on,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, an internist and fatigue expert. “We are reaching for anything that will give us energy—and we’re over-relying on coffee now more than ever.”

I’ll admit it: I’m one of those people, even though I know better, who relies on my daily espresso for a boost of energy. I’m a yogi and as such I know that using a stimulant such as caffeine is not compatible with a yoga practice. Recently and by chance, I’ve proven to myself that coffee doesn’t have to be the primary source of energy to jump-start my morning.

For the last week, I’ve lived without my morning espresso, instead replacing it with my green drink (more on that later), and felt absolutely fine. Not a single headache or a decrease in productivity. It seemed my green drink gave me the energy boost I needed while also supplying all the natural foods I need for the day.

But there are other techniques to naturally boost your energy and not just in the morning, but also throughout the day. It’s not that you trick your mind to stay away from caffeine or sugar when you feel the low energy creeping into your body. It is about being more conscious of how you manage the physical fatigue or mental dullness. Let’s put your mind to work.

Here is the first of five natural energy-boosting techniques to maximize your full potential:

1. Meditate When You First Wake Up.

It’s been said before and I will continue to say it for decades to come, that meditation – staying present with emotions, thoughts and body sensations, without passing judgment or reacting – is a way to increase energy, reduce stress and breathe into your spirit. There have been countless studies at the UCLA Mindfulness Center about the value of meditation to your health and wellness. These UCLA scientists believe they have discovered the first neural evidence for why mindfulness seems to produce a variety of health benefits – one of which is increased energy. Here is a 10 minute video on Meditating for Positive Energy and Andy Puddicomb’s “All It Takes is 10 Minutes” Ted Talk. (Editor’s Note: this video was included in our most recent digital edition of BrainSpeak Magazine – Now Free on the Apple Newsstand!)

Don’t forget to come back on Friday to get the other Four Energy-boosting techniques!

About the author

Joan Frances Moran is a Creative Thought Leader and motivational expert. She teaches management, employees and business leaders how to think creatively, implement innovative ideas, adapt to change, achieve work life balance and live a life of optimum wellness.

As a motivational speaker, writer and blogger, Joan combines 25 years of theater experience as well as over 10 years of experience as a yoga and meditation instructor at UCLA. Joan is the author of her humorous memoir, 60, Sex & Tango: Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer. She is also a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and Finer Minds.

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