January 14


Being True To Yourself Is Harder Than You Think

By Margaret

January 14, 2019

People place a lot of importance in being true to their authentic selves, and this can make situations where we have to hide our true feelings for expediency feel frustrating. Different people have slightly different answers to the issue of what it means to be true to their “real” selves, but most seem to view it as intrinsically linked with who they really are “deep down.” The problem is, this view can cause real problems and make people feel worse unnecessarily. Sometimes, we are better off learning and developing from a situation by acting differently than how we feel “deep down.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The therapists had sessions with a client, Carla, who against the urging of her true self, pretended as if she was not hurt in a company decision.
  • A question one can ask when confused about what the true self needs are: How does one know what the true self is, and isn’t?
  • The self is at the heart and root of each individual and this uniqueness is what drives the psychology industry.

“Several people said that their authentic self has something to do with what they feel “deep down”; others said it’s connected to their identity – to the “essence” of who they are.”

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/conceptual-revolution/201812/being-true-yourself-is-harder-you-think

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