August 6


Authenticity Self-Reflection, on the Woo Side

By Staff Writer

August 6, 2014

authenticity, reincarnation

Why is authenticity so difficult for people to achieve? Is it really that hard to know who we are?

Well, maybe. Look around and you will see a society that is obsessed with celebrities, beauty, youth, money and fame. In an effort to keep up with the expectations of others, we can become inauthentic.

Do you know who you are?

And if so, is the you that you have come to know really all that you are? If your belief system includes the concept of reincarnation, you may have the feeling that you have been on this planet many times in the past, and some of those lives may have been very different than the one you are living today.

Past Life Regression is a process where you get relaxed with the help of a trained hypnotist, who can help you go back in time to explore who you were in a past life.

Join our Walk on the Woo Side host, Dr. Carol Morgan, as she explores authenticity on the Woo Side in the latest edition of BrainSpeak Magazine, found on the Apple iTunes store.

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The image above is TIME JUMPER, by Hartwig HKD on Flickr.

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