July 12


Are You Telling Yourself Stories That Are Keeping You Stuck?

By Staff Writer

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We can often be our own worst enemies when it comes to keeping ourselves stuck in a comfortable rut. Human beings naturally tell themselves stories that bring them to a place of familiarity, even if this means keeping ourselves stuck in the same place. Fortunately, experts claim that there are ways to combat these behaviors. Asking yourself what you are not currently happy with, and what you want your end-goal to be, can help motivate you to stop telling yourself the same theories surrounding life lessons, causing you to want to seek out alternatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • How we believe about different ideas and internalized thoughts effect our behaviors
  • Limiting ideology leads to self fulfilling prophecy of negativity and mental distress
  • Explore your reasons and rationales for thinking like this about a goal and then ask yourself is it actually true

“”Limiting stories are stubborn and often slip by our consciousness. Because we’re blind to any contradictory evidence. We’re too busy amassing proof that our stories are true, which means we see the evidence everywhere.””

Read more: https://psychcentral.com/blog/are-you-telling-yourself-stories-that-are-keeping-you-stuck/

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