June 21


An Exercise That May Help You Make a Big, Scary Life Change

By Margaret

As a saying goes, ‘change your thoughts and change your world’. There’s no doubt that major life change is scary, and even if we want it wholeheartedly, we’re still plagued with fears, doubts, and anxious thoughts. There’s one thing we can do: Write a letter to ourselves. Acknowledge current thoughts and feelings, write down reassuring thoughts. Make it conversational, use positive words, make it accessible, be open to revising it, and read it every day, especially on days you’re doubting your choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • When one wants to make a decision that involves a major change in one’s life, taking the decision itself is somewhat scary.
  • The author was about to undergo a major life change in 2008 and she states that it was somewhat full of doubts and worry.
  • She was on a doctorate program in psychology at the University and she started to realize that after two years doing her studies, her passion for it had waned.

“While my husband was very supportive of my decision, my family was not supportive—just as I feared. I tried to reassure myself. I continually reminded myself that I had left for the right reasons: to prioritize my happiness and pursue a more fulfilling life path.”

Read more: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/an-exercise-that-may-help-you-make-a-big-scary-life-change/

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