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Have you ever thought to yourself...

"I can't believe how much self-help and personal development crap (technical term) there is out there? How am I supposed to keep up with, let alone make sense of, all of it?"

That's exactly what we thought back in 1999 when, as a top publisher of self-help products, we realized exactly how much time, energy and, dare I say it, money was being spent by people just like you and me in the pursuit of "becoming better."

What we do.

As a leading producer of cutting-edge personal transformation audio programs, we've been in the business of helping people reach their undeniable potential for over 30 years and now we are bringing that experience to you in a new magazine format.

At BrainSpeak our single purpose is to bring to serious students of personal development, the latest news, stories and tips from experts in the fields of neuroscience, personal development, personal performance, psychology and any other body of knowledge that helps our readers expand and reach new heights of personal growth. We separate the fact from the hype and call out the absurd when necessary so you can become the amazing person that you were meant to be.

All this in one place and all in a de-geekified language that is easy to understand.

Everyday our editors and writers search the web for the stories that you need to see and apply in order to think Smarter, Faster and just plain Better.

Who we are.

Our staff and contributors are a bunch of experienced neuro-nerds that are obsessively curious about learning what's new and useful in the area of personal development.

We have backgrounds in personal transformation, human performance, sports science, neuroscience and research, counseling, and psychophysiology with a minor in professional grade playfulness.

In short, behind the curtain we’re backed by the maximum amount of brainy-ness you’re allowed to gather in any one place (by law).

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