June 1


A Close Up Look – #5 – Optical Illusions

By Peter Julian

Optical illusions are a regular part of our everyday lives and go back as far as the early days and it is just how our brain has evolved. We tend to make patterns and shapes with our brains that might not actually be there. Zebras are a good example. Their stripes help them to trick us into their movement patterns and not being able to understand them when they travel in packs. Other things like colors might not be the way that we actually perceive them.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ebbinghaus Illusion shows how our perception of a circle’s size is dependent on context.
  • Lateral inhibition happens when strong light inhibits the operation of nearby photoreceptors.
  • Photoreceptors can adapt to long term stimuli, causing an afterimage illusion.

“Check out this infographic to learn about how the features of our visual system lead to some of these odd and intriguing optical experiences.”

Read more: https://knowingneurons.com/2021/05/28/a-close-up-look-5-optical-illusions/

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