May 23


9 Unconventional Ways to Manage Stress This Summer

By Peter Julian

Although the pandemic still hasn’t quite subsided, it seems that this year will somewhat less tumultuous than 2020. That, however, doesn’t mean that stress levels are no longer high. The key to dealing with stress is learning management techniques. In addition to common advices, there are alternatives you should consider. Allow yourself to roam or even engage in physical activities where getting dirty is guaranteed. Try unusual twists to standard stuff like yoga that exploits and releases your inner rage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Travel can help reduce stress, whether visiting Europe or just hitting the road in your home state.
  • Try a lesser-known martial art such as Bokator from Cambodia, Bakom from Peru, or Kalari Palat from India.
  • Horseback riding and aquatic activities (e.g., swimming, snorkeling) can serve to ease stress.

“Why not try one of these nine unconventional ways to manage stress this summer?”

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