November 10


9 Common Brain Farts You Will Recognize

By Staff Writer

November 10, 2013

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Brain Farts are something that happen to everyone from time to time – that is just a fact of life. They can range from suddenly forgetting how to do something you do all the time, to full on faux pas. Some people call them senior moments, but they really don’t have to be anything age-related at all…

Here are a few that you may recognize as things you have done before… Shhhhhh…

1. You check your bags at the airport before proceding to the gate. The airline employee says “Enjoy your flight,” to which you reply “You too!”

2. You walk into a room, and think, “Why did I come here?”

3. Leaving for work, and driving back home again because you can’t remember if you turned your auto-off iron off.

4. Turning the shower back on again because as you started to towel off you remembered that there was still shampoo in your hair.

5. Forgetting to zip up your pants.

6. Opening the refrigerator door (again) and staring inside for – well, you are not really sure why.

7. Your friend tells you the door is locked, but you try to open it anyway.

8. Suddenly forgetting how to spell a word that you have spelled successfully for years.

9. Your power goes out so you decide that since you can’t watch TV you might as well spend some time surfing the internet…

What other brain farts have you found yourself having?

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