April 21


7 Practical Tools for Picking Yourself up During Your Darkest Days

By Margaret

Having days where you feel gloomy, anxious or depressed is normal. If you do nothing about these feelings, however, they can linger. The first step to getting out of your depressive state is accepting and acknowledging your emotions. Reach out and tell people that you are having a hard time every day. Seeking therapy from professionals is also very helpful. Every day try to go for a 30 minute walk. This will provide more mental health advantages as opposed to getting you physically fit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having anxiety, depression, and grief sometimes can be a normal part of life but if one allows them to linger and doesn’t take action, they become serious.
  • When one is enmeshed in depression, the first step to take is simply to acknowledge the pain one is in and then to accept the situation.
  • When one denies his feelings and tries to numb the feeling of addiction by engaging in food or drinking makes the situation all the more worse.

“Report about the small things in your day: what you ate for breakfast; something pretty you saw on a walk; the TV show you’re watching. Sharing the small details of your day and having someone listen makes you feel like you matter.”

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