December 31


7 Assumptions We Need to Stop Making About Other People

By Peter Julian

People often have misconceptions about others, and we should improve ourselves and others, by initially thinking positively about them. Treating others fairly, and realizing that nobody is perfect will go a great way to making friends. It is healthy to make mistakes; we should take them as a learning experience. Everyone has their own issues, and each person has their own way of addressing them. Take the high road, show others love, give them the benefit of the doubt.

Key Takeaways:

  • We all tend to make assumptions based on initial impressions of people and they are often wrong.
  • A smile or cheerful attitude doesn’t mean that a person is always actually cheerful or not struggling.
  • Extend people a little extra grace, even when they are annoying you. Remember they may be suffering.

“Behind the polite smiles and greetings people give you, some are hurting and lonely.”

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