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5 Yoga Poses to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety

By Margaret

June 1, 2019

Many persons have tried out ice creams, wine, and drinks to help them to relieve stress but these tested methods do not work out for them. Then they should try out yoga because it is a great stress buster and it has been found to work wonders for both mind and body, while at the same time carrying out holistic healing of the individual and increasing his ability to accommodate stress. Yoga can be said to be a calming effort on the senses but there are some poses that do the work even better and the author has set out to highlight some of these. The first is the eagle pose of garudasana. In this pose, one needs to concentrate deeply and focus the mind on achieving a given end. While it is a good tool for stress relief, it can also help one to release the stiffness at the shoulders and also remove the tightness that is found at the hips because this area is prone to accumulating emotional stress. Another pose is the standing forward fold pose or uttanasana. This pose calms the mind that is occupied and at the same time it serves as a great balance to the nervous system. Other poses that are helpful in yoga are highlighted in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • When one has tried several things for stress remedy and they are not working, he should try out yoga because it works for relieving stress.
  • The eagle pose is a good pose in yoga that strengthens the mind and works wonders in helping people to let go of their stress.
  • From the Tandasana position, one should set the hip width at a distance from the feet and then open the arms with the right above the left.

“Take on the middle and begin sinking down your hips as you maintain the length along the spine. Keeping your eyes fixated firmly on your central tip , ensure an effortless flow of breath.”

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