December 29


5 Tips to Calm a Restless Mind Before Going to Sleep

By Peter Julian

Insomnia is very common, but can be addressed in a productive fashion before going to bed. Isolating our worries, and designating a set time to think about them clears up the evening of worries. Our fears and concerns can be detailed on paper, written down and categorized, then addressed one-by-one. Listening to a podcast or an audiobook can distract us from our worries, and focus on something interesting or productive. Meditation or yoga can help the body relax and soothe a restless mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our brains are programmed to continue to work and analyze, even when we’d like to stop thinking about specific things.
  • Give yourself a chance to process through the different things on your mind; use a dedicated time every day.
  • Deliberately find ways to sooth your mind, by redirecting thoughts towards calm and soothing things and focusing on peaceful moments.

“Over 30 percent of people have bouts of insomnia in a given year, and the overall rate of insomnia has been going up in recent years.”

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