April 29


5 Life-Changing Pieces of Advice to Help you get Through Anxiety

By Margaret

For some, having anxiety is hard to imagine. For others, it is a terrifying lived experience. Thankfully, there are many ways to help get through an episode of anxiety. First, those who are anxious should breathe thoroughly and deeply. Those who are anxious should also try to get a long and restful night’s sleep. It is also wise to clean up your surroundings to help clear your mind and declutter your thoughts. The anxious can also stay away from stressful or loud and hectic situations. Finally, it is best to take the time for YOU, to rest and clear your mind, and simply let go of anything that may cause you stress or nervousness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breathe deeply and focus on the present moment rather than the past or the future.
  • Take supplements, drink tea, read, or do whatever else it takes to calm your mind so that you can sleep at night.
  • Take some time away from social media because it tends to fuel people’s anxiety.

“A hand of help is what I’m extending towards you. Calmly go through the following words of wisdom which have helped me immensely in my own recovery from acute anxiety.”

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