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5 Compelling Reasons to Be an Early Riser

By Staff Writer

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by Adrienne Erin

There are many clichés about the early riser—the early bird catches the worm, you’d have to get up mighty early in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes, etc. Benjamin Franklin, renowned for his wise sayings, even coined a phrase about the early riser being healthy, wealthy and wise.

It turns out that there might be some truth to the saying and some compelling reasons to get up early. Whether you consider yourself a morning person or not, some of these reasons might just turn you into one. Get up and enjoy the benefits of waking up early!

Watch the Sunrise

If you were ever an early riser, you know the beauty of the sunrise. Whether you live on the beach and watch the sun rise over the ocean or in a bustling city and enjoy watching the sun rise over the cityscape, the world seems to be calm, quiet and new as the day begins. Taking the extra time to get up and step out on the porch with a cup of tea to watch the beginning of a new day has a calming effect and gives you time to consider what the day might bring.

Start the Day on Your Terms

Getting up earlier allows you to feel calmer and enjoy a better start to your day. There is nothing worse than waking up a mere ten minutes before you need to leave your house, as many college students can attest. The mad dash through the shower to the closet and past the kitchen leaves you feeling stressed and out of control. On your way to work or an appointment, you worry about being late and realize that you aren’t wearing matching socks. Cut the stress; plan to get up early, even if it means going to bed earlier, so that you can take the extra time to prepare mentally and physically for your day.

Eat a Good Breakfast

When you punch the snooze button too many times, one of the first things to go is breakfast. Everything else is a necessity, but breakfast often gets kicked from your schedule when you rush out the door in the morning. Rising earlier allows you to take the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast that will keep you strong and focused throughout the day. Eating breakfast does more than just keep you focused—it helps you maintain a healthy diet by jumpstarting your body so you don’t feel that craving for junk food later in the day.

Be More Productive

Though you may have trouble waking up in the morning, once you are awake, it’s likely that you will be more productive in the morning. Your mind is fresh and alert, especially if you exercise in the morning, and you aren’t tired like in the afternoon. Sleeping in late may be causing you to lose out on some of your potential in work or your personal life. So don’t hide under your pillow when that street sweeper or garbage truck goes rattling by early every morning.

Enjoy the Quiet

Believe it or not, there is a time when the world is quiet, when the sounds of a busy city are calmer and when most of the noise you hear is made by birds and crickets rather than car horns and sirens. That time is right before sunrise. Getting up then allows you to take a little time and quietly reflect on your plans, your goals and spend time praying or meditating. When the rest of the world is asleep and the house is quiet is also the perfect time to work on a personal project or hobby; do something for yourself to help you get a great jump on the day.

So think about what old Ben Franklin said and consider the many benefits of waking early. Eating a better breakfast and getting exercise in the morning helps to keep you fit physically, while enjoying quiet time in the morning can help you feel better mentally prepared to face the day.


If you have difficulty getting up, an alarm clock that doesn’t jar you awake can be helpful. The Zadro Natural wake up clock uses light that gets brighter slowly, simulating a sunrise up to 60 minutes before the alarm. You can also set the alarm to be one of 7 nature sounds.


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