September 17


40 Summer Journaling Prompts that Will Take Your Mind Off Things

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Focusing the mind via inner reflection, particularly by using a written medium, like journaling, is like turning off the outside noise way down, thereby enabling the journaler to tune out distractions. The other thing journaling does is it helps the journaler to map out their specific life journey. When you write in a journal you tell yourself what you did, what you will do, and would like to d. So, it helps you get a bead on what works, what doesn’t and where you need to go next. Although journaling is often a spontaneous practice, sometimes a starter-idea, known as a prompt can oil the wheels. A journaling prompt should help the journaler to think deeply about her situation and help her feel grounded in the moment and in the place where she finds herself. One such prompt could be to think on a situation that’s a stress trigger and how that can be changed by a different approach. Other prompts might center around subjects like, love, peace, fairness etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to cut out the thoughts that have the ability to penetrate your sanity.
  • A journal can be used as sort of a map that guides you through life.
  • Daily journals have the ability to help you make better decisions and be more present in the current moment.

“Ease your worried mind by tuning out the excess noise in your head for a little while every day.”

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