April 23


4 useful strategies to resist the siren song of multitasking

By Peter Julian

As the majority of full-time workers began to work from home during the pandemic, businesses need to ensure that their employees were remaining productive. Although, one major killer of productivity is multitasking. There are the conventional tips like avoiding distractions, turning off notifications, and being mindful. But there are some other strategies you can use to not multitask. You should learn about your impatience, and utilize it to your advantage. Understand that you are human, and need to take breaks and care for yourself, which in the end, will help overall productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you remote work from home, you are devoid of overseeing eyes. While these eyes can be distracting ,they can also impel order and task focus.
  • Remote work has a lot of temptations. The online world is full of sources of seemingly instant gratification. Blinders and a little patience help.
  • Starting a focused remote work day with some stream of conscious writing is a good way to clear the brain for a productive day.

“A downside is you and solely you are responsible for creating that focused environment.”

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