November 13


3 Ways To Train Your Inner Voice To Be More Positive

By Peter Julian

That voice on the inside may not be real, but it can make you go in an unwanted direction. It is a combination of your thoughts and beliefs accumulated throughout life. Unfortunately, for many people this voice is the source of pessimism, negativity and lack of confidence. This can be change with a conscious effort. Understand what this voice is truly saying and look for the positive aspects of the message. Take the ownership and responsibility for this voice, because you should be controlling it, not the other way around.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how your internal voice speaks when it makes criticisms and the consequences this more judgmental thought process has on you.
  • Consciously search for the positive aspects of different situations and focus on them instead of the negative aspects.
  • Hold yourself accountable for how you have conditioned your inner voice throughout your choices in life.

“Sadly, many people have negative inner voices that criticize them, tell them difficult things, and echo their fears and anxieties.”

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